Anti-Bullying Initiative





A large multi-school and community Anti-bullying project that’s addressing aspects of bullying in our everyday lives through an Arts and Entertainment night:  there will be an Art Gallery and theatre component to the evening


WHEN IS IT:                                                                WHERE IS IT:

Date:  May 23rd (Thurs) 2013                                      Host:  David Thompson

Time:  6:30 – 9:30pm                                                  Address: 1755 E55th Ave, Vancouver


  • Anyone with a passion for the topic of bullying
  • Schools (Elementary, Secondary, Public, Private):
  • clubs, classes, departments, staff, students, coaches, councilors, etc
  • Community groups, organizations, programs, etc
  • Sport team
  • Individuals within the community



1.    Submit a nomination for the Excellence in Effort Award

Award recognizes the effort of an individual; an individual who has kept trying even though they know if they continue, it will be difficult:  recognition of perseverance towards their goal, NOT the attainment of a goal  (various prizes to win including an IPAD).

SEND NOMINATIONS to karepower@gmail.com and include a 200 word maximum description of why you are nominating the individual (s):  all nominations will be immediately forwarded to Western Society for Children for review

 2.    Prepare a submission for the evening (See the below for the Idea Generator)

  • Put something together that can be performed in the theatre component of the evening.  For example:  a play, sing, dance, skit, slam poetry, etc:  these can be pieces that you have already performed in the past

         (EG, the Student Liaisons will be performing the song ‘Lean on Me’ as a group).

  • Prepare a piece for the Art Gallery: write a poem(s) or story, do a painting(s), drawing(s) or sculpture(s), take a photo(s):  these can be pieces you have already been completed.
  • Schools, it’s easy to be involved; create an assignment that can be collected and used for a submission and/or use something that has already been completed and/or performed.

For example, one elementary school made mittens as decorations for the Christmas     trees.  They are now going to use the mittens that are cut out in various colors to visually represent diversity.

 3.    Spread the word

  • Tell your friends, family, co-workers, school mates;
  • Post the event on your Facebook page, etc
  • Add website link to your own website

 4.    Wear the K.A.R.E. Color

  •  Wear yellow on the evening of “A Night in Harmony” (or any other) to show you K.A.R.E.; that you are a supporter of friendship and courage.  Show others that if you have the courage to stand up and speak out against bullying, brighter days WILL come.

 5.    Be a volunteer

  • Be a Student Liaison (contact us and ask us how)
  • Attend one of the monthly meetings held at Kensington Community Centre

        i.  Inquire how you can help

       ii.  Get updates and share ideas, etc…

  • Help to with the “A Night in Harmony”

        i.  Organize paperwork (EG. Press releases), displays, storage of  submissions, etc…

        ii.  Set up and clean up: before, during and after the “A Night in Harmony”, etc…

 6.    Be a sponsor

  • We are looking for additional “Excellence in Effort” award items.  For example, $20.00 gift cards from places like Starbucks, Subway, movie passes, dance or studio time, shopping gift cards (anything you can share with a friend)
  • Be a sponsor

        i.  EG, help to cover the costs of printing, meeting costs, supplies (frames & paper)

  • Donate a little something

       i.  EG, can include, snacks, drinks, etc. for the night of event and/or meeting times

 7.    Gather resources

       i.  Name of Organization

       ii.  Brief description of Organization (1 – 2 lines max)

       iii.  Phone number, Email, Website

  • Go to different organizations and request resources – EG:
  • We will be handing out “goody bags” to each of the participating schools.  Included in these bags will be copies of resources and top “pick” from suggestions made from various sources, etc

We will need a minimum of 40 copies of each printed resource – EG: pamphlets from organizations (20 for goody bags and 20 to have on hand at A Night in Harmony”.


April 15th, 2013 – completed submissions


IDEA GENERATOR for submissions:

THEME: Bullying                            MEDIUM: Be creative!

1.  Depict positive words like:

  • Intelligence, solutions, friendship, etc (may portray in any way you choose)

2.  Depict negative words like:

  • Isolation, silence, jealousy, etc (may portray in any way you choose)

3.  Portray things like:

  • What is it like to be bullied
  • How do people bully?
  • How does it feel to be bullied, be the bully, be the person witnessing what’s going on?
  • What would the world look like without bullying
  • What is it like to be a bully
  • Why do people bully?
  • What are the impacts and barriers caused by bullying?




Watching helplessly as someone you care about was being bullied!

I was heartbroken when my brother was injured in a mall’s food court (unable to walk & talk for a time). Worse was the cruelty and bullying that my brother and family suffered afterwards at the hands of others, even from people we knew and from programs that should have been there to help us.

We’re a family of advocates that started with my mom (women of distinction icon?). Bullying can happen in many different ways, not just between people. It can happen between human and animal, organization and families, etc… For example, systems bullied and belittled my mom after my brother was injured, forcing her to fight for human rights and suffering the indignity of begging for medical help.

 (Did you know it’s 8x more costly to raise a child with a disability and 80% of those costs are not covered through any government funding?)

 In the end she’s been successful in founding programs and helping to change some policies, making life and little better and easier for many families in the similar circumstances. (insert Todays’s Parent icon?)

 One voice CAN and WILL make a difference! 


Check back after the event (May 23rd 2013) everyone needs a little surprise in their life